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Brown Bag 2022/2023  

September, 15th - Cristina Bratu (visiting @DEMM)

Firm productivity and immigrant - native earnings disparity

We study the role of firm productivity in explaining earnings disparities between immigrants and natives using population-wide matched employer-employee data from Sweden. We find substantial earnings returns to working in firms with higher persistent productivity, with greater gains for immigrants from non-Western countries. Moreover, the pass-through of within-firm productivity variation to earnings is stronger for immigrants in low-productive, immigrant-dense firms. But immigrant workers are underrepresented in high-productive firms and less likely to move up the productivity distribution. Thus, sorting into less productive firms decreases earnings in poor-performing immigrant groups that would gain the most from working in high-productive firms.


September, 22nd - Anita Quas (Università di Milano)

The Role of Governmental Venture Capital in the Regional Ecosystem of Innovative Start-ups

This paper analyses the impact of government venture capital (GVC) intervention on a number of features of regional ecosystems for innovative start-ups, including the availability of private VC investments, entrepreneurial activity, employment growth and innovation. Focussing on 11 European countries in the 2003-2020 period, we find a positive relationship between GVC activity and PVC activity at the regional (NUTS2) level, which is especially strong when a region has set up its own regional GVC programme. Instead, we find that the GVC activity organized by national governments are more effective when it comes to spur regional entrepreneurial activity and sustain regional employment, especially in science and technology. We do not find distinctive effect for EU-level GVC initiatives, probably due to their very recent introduction. These results provide relevant insights into how policymakers could design GVC initiatives, with the ultimate goal of effectively support innovative start-ups.



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