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LabEdu - Labour and Education  

Responsabile scientifico:

Prof. Massimiliano BRATTI


Prof. Daniele CHECCHI

Prof. Marco LEONARDI

Prof.ssa Agata MAIDA

Dott. Stefano Verzillo


LABEDU deals with the theoretical and empirical analysis of individuals’, firms’ and institutions’ behaviors in the educational and health sectors, and of their implications for the labor market, starting from an individual’s human capital investment choices (education, training, lifelong learning, health, migration) up to various outcomes in the labor market (hiring, firing, job search, remuneration, job stability, income volatility, firm productivity, health in the workplace, job satisfaction, etc.). Particular attention is devoted to the interaction between human behavior, institutions (e.g., organizations - such as schools, universities and hospitals - or regulations - such as minimum wages or employment protection legislation) and labor market dynamics.

A non-exhaustive list of research topics which have been recently investigated by members of the laboratory are:

-   determinants of individuals’ educational investments and school performance

-   performance indicators for Higher Education institutions

-   mechanisms of recruitment in the university labor market

-   income inequality

-   employment protection legislation and workers’ and firms’ performances

-   wage determination

-   health returns to education


The laboratory promotes four main types of activities:

  • coordinated research projects at the national and European level, exploiting the synergies between the theoretical and empirical competences of the lab’s members;
  • fund-raising and creation of research grants for young researchers, funded through research commissioned by clients outside the university (governments, private foundations, local authorities);
  • organization of periodic seminars (Milano Labor Lunch Seminars - MILLS, Brucchi Luchino workshops), and conferences, and reading groups for the graduate students where the last developments in the discipline are discussed and the last lab’s research findings are disseminated.
  • dissemination in the media of the lab’s members research findings in a language accessible to non-experts.

Website: http://users.unimi.it/labedu/

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