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FinGro Lab (Laboratory on Finance and Growth)  

Responsabile scientifico:

Prof. Alberto BUCCI


The FinGro lab aims at studying the effects of finance on economic growth, with special focus on the following research themes:

- The analysis of the different channels through which finance and financial intermediaries can affect the long-run growth equilibrium of an economy;

- The exploration of how finance and financial intermediaries can affect an economy’s transitional dynamics towards the long-run growth equilibrium;

- The study of the microeconomic channels through which financial markets and financial intermediaries can affect firms’ performance. In particular, the lab is interested in the analysis of the role of specific intermediaries (such as venture capitalists, closed-end funds and other private equity providers) and special markets (i.e., alternative investment markets) in boosting the growth of start-ups, academic spin-offs and innovative-knowledge-based firms;

- The scrutiny of how the channels mentioned above may interact with each other in promoting simultaneously better micro (efficiency) and macro (economic growth) outcomes in the short- and long-run.

The lab intends to promote international cooperation with academics, researchers and policy makers on the research topics above mentioned and disseminating results through working papers, workshops, seminars and publications in internationally-rated journals. The lab encourages engagement in its activity by national and international scholars and aims at fostering multi-disciplinary interaction.

Website: http://www.financeandgrowth.unimi.it



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