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DS-LAB - Data Science Lab  

Responsabile scientifico:

Prof. Stefano Maria IACUS


Dott. Alessandro BARBIERO

Prof.ssa Francesca DE BATTISTI

Prof.ssa Pieralda FERRARI

Prof. Davide LA TORRE

Prof. Giancarlo MANZI

Dott. Lorenzo MERCURI

Prof.ssa Silvia SALINI

Prof.ssa Chiara TOMMASI

Prof. Achille VERNIZZI


The Data Science Laboratory will promote and coordinate research on new approaches of information retrieval, analysis and visualization of complex data from the point of view of statistics, mathematics and computer science fields. 
Examples of potential topics central to our lab include (but are not limited to):
-   analysis of financial and risk data; efficient simulation and estimation of economic models forecasting techniques;
-   network analysis, topics extraction and real time sentiment analysis over big data;
-   data matching for causal inference in observational studies with open, big and experimental data;
-   integration of official statistics and social media data aimed at the construction of statistical index of social welfare, resilience, subjective expectation, etc;
"Data Science" is the ability of extracting information from unstructured data or vast repositories, taking advantage of a multidisciplinary approach. 
The Data Science Laboratory indeed aims at becoming a research environment for the analysis of complex systems in economics, finance, the social science and biomedicine through the integration of diversified expertise in mathematics, statistics and computer science.
The Data Science Laboratory will disseminate its research in top international journals in the field of social science, computer science, and statistics. It will promote fundraising and collaborative grant applications and the creation of research computing infrastructures. 
Finally, it will increase the visibility of researchers in the department and will attract other scholars interested in the development of new data science techniques. 
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