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Responsabile scientifico
Prof.ssa Luisa ANDERLONI

- Giuseppe De Luca

- Francesco Spano

- Marta Marsilio

The Corporate Finance, Accounting, and Financial History Lab (fafhLab) responds to the need to provide a multidisciplinary approach to research as already successfully experimented in several initiatives. 

The birth of the fafhLab also responds to the objective of reinforcing the third mission of the University, giving visibility to research projects and academic initiatives in the area of finance and business as well as history of financial markets and istitutions in the broad economic context where the University operates.
To this end, the LAB aims to develop relationships with other research centers, public, private and non profit institutions, as well as single researchers.
The fafhLab researches in the following fields:
  • Evaluation of companies, both privately and state owned
  • Evaluation of policies and public initiatives with reference to soft financing
  • Project finance
  • Public Private Partnership –PPP with special reference to the energy, health and public infrastructure industries
  • History of financing tools for infrastructures, health and private companies
  • Evolution of the relationship between public and private finance
  • Historic models in the relationship between finance and economic growth
The Lab promotes the participation to national and international research grants in the above mentioned areas of research. The outcome of the research activity are made available through publication in national and international journals, and also during conferences and seminars. 
The dissemination will contribute to the knowledge advancement in the research areas covered by the lab and will provide hints to policy makers and institutionals actors, both private and public, in the definition of growth strategies and development policies.


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