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EfeLab - Environmental and Food Economics Lab  

Responsabile scientifico:

Prof. Marzio Galeotti


Coordinatore Lab:

Prof.ssa Valentina Raimondi



Prof. Alessandro Banterle

Prof. Francesco Bosello

Dott.ssa Alessia Cavaliere

Prof. Stefano Corsi

Prof. Alessandro Olper

Prof. Massimo Peri

Prof.ssa Stefanella Stranieri



The EfeLab is involved in high level research related to the economics and politics of the agri-food sector, the environment and the energy markets, in a global context. In addition to the specific studies conducted in these different areas, the lab aims to investigate the close relationships that exist between these important research fields.


The Lab intends to promote activities of communication and dissemination of knowledge and research in the disciplines related to Environmental and Food Economics. This will be done through workshops, conferences, seminars and short courses, with the ambition to place the research activities in the broader context of sustainable development, considering also aspects of distributive justice and intergenerational equity.


The main topics of research include:


  • The impacts of climate change on yields and its interaction with the dynamics of demand and trade of agricultural products;
  • The impact of trade liberalization on food security issues, on environmental and food standards, on the sustainable firms’ productivity growth;
  • Consumers’ preferences and behavior related to food products, and their link between diet, health and sustainability ;
  • The governance of the agri-food supply chains and the sustainability of the vertical relationships;
  • The analysis of the links between production of bio-fuels, climate change mitigation strategy and impact on food security;
  • The oil prices dynamics and their speculative effects on the foodstuff markets.


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