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C-LAB (Choice and decision laboratory)  

Responsabile scientifico:

Prof. Francesco GUALA


Prof. Franco DONZELLI

Prof. Antonio FILIPPIN

Prof.ssa Raffaella FOLGIERI


The laboratory will promote and coordinate research on individual and collective decision-making, from an economic, psychological, and neuroscientific perspective.

Examples of potential topics central to our lab include (but are not limited to):

-   the study and measure of preferences (attitude toward risk, intertemporal choice);

-   the role of social factors in strategic and parametric choice (group identity, norms);

-   the use of heuristics to reduce computational complexity;

-   the cognitive and neural bases of decision;

-   the artificial reproducibility of cognitive and biological mechanisms;

One goal of the laboratory is to generate research that will improve our theoretical understanding of decision processes and outcomes. A second goal is to test existing and new theoretical hypothesis using empirical data. The members of the laboratory will make use of the most advanced interdisciplinary methods, ranging from laboratory and field experiments to brain imaging, A.I. methods, and TSM stimulation.

The lab will disseminate its research in top international journals in the field of social science, cognitive science, and artificial intelligence. It will promote fund-raising and collaborative grant applications, the creation of research infrastructures, and the acquisition of instruments and materials to run experiments. Finally, it will increase the visibility of researchers in the department and will attract other scholars interested in the study of decision-making.

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